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2•1•1 Service

Vision & Overview

What is 2•1•1?

  • 2•1•1 is a free, confidential, and multilingual information referral service connecting people in need to local community resources across the state. No matter where you live in Colorado, you can find information about resources via the phone, web, or app.
  • 2•1•1 Colorado maintains information on over 6,800 unique services.
  • Western Colorado 2•1•1 maintains around 1,500 services spread across 16 counties.


Each resource is updated every calendar year by WMRHA and partners, but agencies can also reach out via the 2•1•1 Colorado website to submit updates

  • Organizations that are in the 2•1•1 database:
    • Nonprofit, state and government agencies, and educational institutions
    • Organizations that offer a health or human service to the community at large
    • For-profits that offer services in areas of health, mental health, recreation, education, financial assistance, legal assistance, home maintenance, or arts and culture
    • Self-help/support groups and advocacy groups
    • Statewide and Nationwide organizations that provide services in the service area
    • Professional associations that provide specialized information and referral services related to their field of expertise

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