A Community Health Connections Initiative

Community Resource Network

Vision & Purpose

Community Resource Network (CRN) is a social information exchange (SIE) designed to help bridge the gap, increase effciency and improve outcomes when it comes to social determinants of health.

The collaborative community network is made up of behavioral, social, and medical service agencies in an effort to improve outcomes for clients, by facilitating expert collaboration among various points of service through secured shared technology.

Benefits to the Community

Regular screenings and check-ups, going to the doctor when we’re sick – is only about 10% of what defnes our health. We:

  • Provide low cost infrastructure for communication and collaboration among all service providers
  • Facilitate secure, streamlined communication and information sharing between medical and non-medical care team members that meets both HIPAA (health), FERPA (education), and other confdentiality regulations
  • Support the establishment of a standard processes for community wide referrals, tracking, and closure
  • Decrease the overall cost of providing services by reducing duplication in the collection and reporting of demographic,
    assessment and other information

Who Can Access the CRN

All stakeholders are invited to help explore and change the way we work together

  • Medical Providers
  • Human/Social Service Providers
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Public Housing Authority
  • Judicial System/Law Enforcement
  • Educational Institutions

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