WMRHA is a collaborative and creative solutions hub

We track over 175 (and counting) partners in regional government agencies, health institutions, and other non-profits.

WMRHA Partnerships Hands puzzle

A Partner-based Approach

We know that every organization within the health system is important to strengthening the overall system and improving outcomes for individuals and their families. WMRHA uses a collaborative scale to define, engage, and develop partnerships that will support the change that we all want to realize.

Collaboration Partners


WMRHA is looking for organizations of any size to intentionally engage and become more collaborative over time by proposing and joining initiatives.

What we offer our partners

We provide organizing leadership, a strong network and help with access to funding.

Within the West Mountain Region, many local agencies and organizations are dedicated and working hard towards improving residents' health and the healthcare system. Our goal is to organize direct partnerships among these diverse entities. By leading and funding collaborative initiatives, we strengthen the effectiveness of our collective work.

Examples of partners we can help


A local church is looking to distribute food and wants to understand where help is needed the most and how to integrate with existing efforts.


A city council wants to find homes for their homeless vets and is looking to better understand the problem and find resources to make change.


A women's advocacy group wants to improve food security and pre-natal nutrition for low income families and is looking for funding to reach the people in need.


A regional clinic is seeing a gap in health care access for elderly and minority residents and wants to help get people the care they need.

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